01 november 2015

JOL ::: reproduction print ::: reproduksjons-stoff fra Norge!

I min nye stoffkolleksjon for MODA, så har jeg lurt inn et norsk repro-mønster! Stoffmønsteret er hentet fra en brudekjole fra 1740, fra Inderøy i Nord-Trøndelag. Stoffet er brukt som kanting på kjolelivet.
Les mer om kjolen HER, (da vi viste fram kjolen på quiltecafe hos Northern Quilts i 2012).

In my new fabric line for MODA, I have done a reproduction print, to go with my new designs. We don't have a cotton industry in Norway, but we did have wool and linen textiles, and some silk and cotton imported from Europe. But this wedding dress is from 1740, made in quilted wool/linen, bright red, and the binding on the bodice have cotton print. This print is so lovely, and I wanted to include this as a "Norwegian" reproduction. READ more about this dress here, when the dress was shown at a quilt cafe at my shop in 2012. 

Joan Foster has written about this dress in her book "Gamle tekstiler" (ISBN 82-517-8423-9). 
The dress belonged to Marit Ivarsdatter, who lived on a small farm in rural Norway. We don't know how an ordinary woman like Marit would get a dress like this, because quilted dresses were probably made and used in the Nordic countries, but only by the very rich ladies. Maybe she was given it from another woman? Or maybe she had seen dresses of this kind, and wanted to make her own version. The dress has linen embroidery along the edge, but the quilting and the embroidery are made by different women. Maybe this was originally a quilted pettycoat, and the made into a wedding dress?
A petticoat like this: Isn't it LOVELY!):

The MODA line is called JOL, and the reproduction prints come in different colors, some of them tone-on-tone. This prints are very versatile, and make great basics. 
So, quilt shops; order your bolts today!
Hopefully you will get these fabrics in the quilt shops next summer (summer 2016)!

MODA-kolleksjonen heter JOL; og quiltebutikkene kan bestille denne NÅ, fra sine grossister.
Stoffserien kommer i quiltebutikken neste sommer- så vil du ha stoffene, så tipser du din lokale quiltebutikk om at de må bestille denne serien NÅ!

2 kommentarer:

Anita sa...

Så flotte stoffer du har designet, Wenche!

Anne-Mettes Oaser sa...

Hvor er det et fint stof, du har tryllet frem, Wenche. Glæder mig til at se det rigtigt og med fingrene ;-).

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