15 juni 2018


Norway goes through some changes- and the regional county Nord-Trøndelag and Sør-Trøndelag (North and South Trondelag) are merged into TRØNDELAG. A region with lots of everything- the center of Norway! Visit us!
Without Trøndelag, there were no Norwegian history! ;-D
This song is going viral - in Norway ;-) - at the moment. Enjoy!

23 mai 2018

Hi! Long time, no see!
I´ve just been very very busy, and sometimes I wonder if FB and Instagram are where all the attention are! It´s almost summertime, my new collection is about to release to the quilt shops. Can´t wait to show you!

Right now I have a deadline for my editorial work for Quiltemagasinet! So I have to get back to my mac and do the last writing and corrections.

Wish you a great summer!

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