01 desember 2018

Adventskalender 2018- 1.desember!

Da ønsker vi velkommen til Adventskalender 2018!
Foto er tilbehør til årets kalender- som mange har kjøpt! Det vil ikke bli noen tekst eller mønster her på bloggen, for det er forbeholdt kalenderpakkene.
Ikke lov til å snik-titte da :-D

Welcome to the Northern Quilts Advent Calendar! 
No patterns or measurements will be given here- (its only for those who bought the Calendar from the Northern Quilts shop) but enjoy the photos!

05 juli 2018

Splendid Sampler II: BALANCE free quilt block

So this is my free quilt block for the Splendid Sampler II!

I did the Balance block. I guess you are like me, trying to balance life; family, kids, work, money, sleep, friends and all the other things?

I was inspired by my kids old toys and vintage elephant toys!

Love elephants, they are so big and wonderful, and yet so gracious.
Have you seen a mother elephant with her kid? The love!

They know exactly where to put their feet.

Balancing life isn´t easy. I´m torn between the aspects of life, and I comfort myself with the thought thats what it is like... trying to balance.


I have some tips for you so you can make a perfect applique block!

1) Draw the shapes onto applique paper. I used the Applique paper sheets, from Helen Stubbings. You can leave the paper inside the applique shape, as it will partly dissolve and get softer when washed!

2) Cut out all pieces. The applique paper is fusible on one side.

3) Fuse to wrong side of fabric!

4) Cut out all pieces with 1/4" (or 3/8") seam allowance. Draw the stitchery lines on the fabric, using a water soluble pen. (Use a light box or window to see the lines)

5) Use a glue pen to glue the fabric allowance on the paper: Cut into the seam allowance in all curves. Put the glue dots on the FABRIC, not the paper. Glue 1-1,5 inch at a time, because the glue dries fast!

6) Glue on the fabric will give you time to make perfect folding, without any sharp edges. Use your fingers (or the Appliquick tools) to smooth out any sharp curves in the fabric.

7) I used the Appliquick tools, to hold and fold the fabric into place.

8) This is the finished pieces on the wrong side.

9) Ready to applique! Use small stitches and Aurifil Thread that matches the color of your fabric. I used both Aurifil 50wt and 80wt. The 80wt is very thin- almost like a silk thread!

10) Stitch all stitchery lines with Aurifil 12wt. Rinse the block to get rid of the watersoluble pen lines. Hang to dry. Press. Trim to size.
The finished block!

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