06 november 2013

Homespun: mistake in Penguin Winter Quilt pattern text

Sigh. Sometimes, there is mistakes in the printing of my patterns... tiny errors that can make piecing wrong!
Even if I made corrections and re-read the pattern text for Penguin Winter Quilt, printed in Australian Homespun, they managed to make a mistake of the pattern text when doing the layout in the magazine.
Their editor asked me if I could print this on my blog:

"It has just been brought to my attention that there has been an accidental fraction omission in the instructions for your Penguin Quilt in Homespun magazine.
A fraction that was in the original documents (including the one sent to you for checking) was accidentally deleted while the magazine pages were being laid out. It was in Step 9 about the cutting of the blue and turquoise squares for the Arctic Star blocks. It should have said to cut 64 squares, 3 3/8in, but the 3/8 disappeared. We have no idea how this happened and we are very concerned and upset about it, particularly as we pride ourselves on our professional expertise and accuracy. 
As soon as we realised this mistake, we put the correction onto our Facebook page, our Complete Craft website and our new Homespun website. Would you also mind alerting your followers to this error on your blog please?"
Not my fault, but I apologize for any inconvenience caused! 
So please, cut the64 squares 3 3/8"!

BUT: there are some great Penguin Winter Quilts turning up!

Elaine from  www.quilthousebedandbreakfast.com made this, and she has kits for $155.00 and back is $56.00 in flannel ! 
Love the dotty background!

Are you a quilt shop owner who wants to sell my patterns in your shop, both United Notions and Peterson-Arne carry my patterns now! You may puchase my patterns at wholesale prices from them, (Or me, my patterns ships from MN... so email me if you like!)

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