22 juli 2012

Regn ::: Rain

Sybordet mitt er fullt av prosjekter, og viking klær som skal sys ferdig.
Men idag skal det holdes litt stille søndag, for ettertanke og minne om 22.juli i fjor.
Ute er det trist regnvær. Så da sitter man inne med håndarbeid.
Det er mye glede i små ting, og en dråpe regn på et sølvgrått blad er også vakkert...

My sewing table is full of projects, and Viking clothes to be finished.
But today
there its a quiet Sunday for thought and memory of incident in Norway July22 last year.
Outside there is a rainy day
. I'm spending my day inside with some needlework.
Try to find the
joy in small things, like a drop of rain on a silver-gray leaf...

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Alicia sa...

There was an ugly shooting with murders in Colorado a few days ago and the newscasters are reminding us that it's just 1 year ago now that the kids were slain in your part of the world. I'm working on a t-shirt quilt for a friend whose daughter died several years ago. At least her memories of her daughter aren't tied with senseless murder. Blessings to you!

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