12 februar 2008

Happy Australia day!

Today I'll better write english: Yesterday the most wonderful package arrived at here at Heggesåsen, after about 1 week snailmail time. I was the lucky winner of Catherine's (from the Willow Valley Store) Happy Australia Day competition, and look what wonderful things she sent me! A homespun magazine, lovely fabrics and ribbons, pretty buttons, kangaroo-coins (!), old stamps, an australian map frigde magnet, a koala and a kangaroo toy (which disappeared instantly... but I have heard some strange sounds from my youngest's bedroom, playing animals) and VEGEMITE:: oh gosh, a BIG package of vegemite... what IS this stuff? B-vitamins from yeast? OK. Let's try. (The advice from Catherine was to spread it thinly on a piece of toast... We didn't bother about the toast, but had nice wholegrain norwegian bread. I asked my 3 year old son and 6 year old daughter if they wanted to taste... wow, looks like chocolate! but smells like.... uggabugga. Salty, funny taste. (Sorry australians... do you really eat this?) Vegemite is probably very healthy!

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willowvalleystore sa...

Hi Wenche - glad you received the parcel ok and hope you get some laughs, inspiration and enjoyment out of its contents. It feels very special to give someone in Norway a vegemite sandwich - its a GOOD THING - we even have a song about it!! :-)
Best wishes
from the land down under...

muffinandme sa...

Vegemite certainly is popular in our household - we have to buy the biggest jar available here or keep getting more at least once a week. To be absolutely indulgent I love it as a toasted sandwich, but my 9 year old daughter also loves it with cheddar cheese melted on top. I do remember, though, the expression on some of my friends in Los Angeles when I presented them with a jar. Their comment? "How could you eat something that looks like axle grease?"

All the best from sunny West Gippsland


Mary Ann sa...

Hi Wenche! I also received some Vegemite from Catherine today! I found it to have a very interesting taste! I had to laugh, though, when I read your kid's reactions to it!! I would compare this to my husband's reaction when I tried to make him eat peanut butter!! BTW, I'm Canadian and he's a Dane!! LOL!!! Enjoyed your blog, as well! Cheers! Mary Ann in DK

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